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How Real Estate Agent Ed Stulak Got a 180 Unit Listing From Instagram

September 29, 2023

Who is​ Ed Stulak​? This famed millennial entrepreneur wears many hats. A real estate agent by day and social media/ branding strategist by night, Ed Stulak is a name you are not going to want to forget. Stulak has been a New Jersey licensed real estate agent for 5 years now. During those 5 years, he has racked up an incredible 45,000+ follower count on Instagram. Stulak has appeared with Million Dollar Listing New York, Good Morning LaLa Land, and a YouTube conversation with Sam Bakhtiar. On top of that, Stulak has also been featured in REALTOR Magazine, On Mogul, and Future Sharks, to name a few.

I finally had my chance to sit down with Ed and talk about his newest endeavor — leasing out a 180 unit listing at Somerville Parc, which he acquired solely through the strength of his brand and marketing strategies via Instagram.

Somerville Parc​ is located in Somerville, New Jersey and is described by Stulak as, “a resort-style living experience like no other.” With amenities including an indoor dog park, Starbucks kiosk, a Work from Home workspace area, recreation room, endless pool, fitness center and more, Somerville Parc is truly a desirable listing for any real estate agent to manage and tenants to call home. Stulak began his work with Somerville Parc in mid 2020. Since then, the brand new residences have been peaking the interest of hundreds of people looking for a new way of life in the up-and-coming Somerville community.

So, how did Stulak manage to acquire Somerville Parc? While speaking with Stulak, he stated, “My personal brand and social media strategies got me this one. Being out there and active on Instagram is how I was able to acquire Somerville Parc.” Stulak’s social media strategies again ring true. Along with acquiring Somerville Parc, Stulak states that around 76% of his leads come through social media platforms.

While being a member of RE/MAX, Stulak is the founder of ​IGRE Coaching​, an online training program for real estate agents looking to generate more leads through the use of social media, Instagram in particular. In this course, Stulak guides his students through all aspects of the basics of Instagram, building your brand, and building a valuable following. All with the end result being: gaining leads and having the potential to acquire something as grand as Somerville Parc.

For the real estate agents reading this and wondering how you can achieve the rapid success that Ed Stulak has had, I have the answers for you. During our conversation, I asked him this exact question. “Invest into the IGRE course. This is the easiest and most direct way you can learn from me. Through IGRE, you will go through a series of videos compiled into strategically organized teaching modules. Along with the videos, you have constant access to direct communication with me, should you ever need assistance.”

Ed Stulak certainly has changed the real estate world when it comes to lead generation, content production, and overall success. Stulak also recently traveled out to Denver, Colorado to be featured on a podcast with RE/MAX CEO, Adam Contos. Stulak has taken full advantage of the potential Instagram gives to the success of real estate agents worldwide.

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